Saturday, August 8, 2009

Pandemic Chaos in the Media for Dede

Three stories in as many days highlight the difficulties ahead for Dede Scozzafava as she attempts to thread the needle and maneuver the political minefields north of Albany.  With a 3rd party candidate officially in the race it will be interesting to see whether the eventual winner takes a majority of the votes or a plurality to win.  

Mr. Ronald L. Caravan penned "Between the Lines: Scozzafava pick illustrates precisely what is wrong with today's G.O.P." in the Valley News.  Caravan writes of Scozzafava and her brand of Republicanism that, "rather than employing the term 'moderate Republicans,' it would be more accurate to describe these politicians as 'values-neutral Republicans.'  That is because the Republican Party, according to its platform, still stands for certain fundamental values, and these so-called 'moderates' consistently embrace public-policy positions that contradict those values."  Ouch!  Needless to say Mr. Caravan didn't have anything good to say about Dede, but nothing could have been as jaw-dropping as Mike Long yesterday.

Even the New York Times did a story on the race this week titled, "In Bid for House Seat, a Question of Identity for Republicans Upstate." 

Dede's unconventional Republican philosophy has resulted in a state of pandemic chaos for her campaign as local news stories pile up week after week with negative messages.  Now is the time when Dede is supposed to be defining herself to the electorate.  She can't even get a handle on the day-to-day message while the other major party has yet to announce their candidate.

With all of the commotion and negative attention for Dede, there is only one thing she can do to win.  At this point we would advise Dede to keep pandering to anyone who will listen.  If Dede can out-pander the other candidates, attempting to be all things to all people, or at least to enough people that matter (i.e. folks who actually vote), she's a shoe-in for the job.  Good luck and keep hedging on the real tough issues.

Friday, August 7, 2009

We Have Panda-Monium in New York's 23rd

Campaign Gets Support from Panda Activists

We are proud to announce that today a clan of panda bears are binding together to encourage the people in New York's 23rd congressional district to support Dede Scozzafava, our "all-time favorite pandering politician," for Congress.

A few months ago Dede attracted Democrats.  Last month Dede got the Republicans.  A few weeks ago she gained the Independence Party.  Tonight she released a two person Conservative coalition.  And tomorrow and in the days ahead Dede will have major backing of all of the panda bears.

Primarily we support Dede, because she is a panderer, like us.  Dede is one of the few of em' that can get away with being all things to all people.  For example, she was for the Democratic Party before she was against it, and then she was against the Conservative Party before she was for it.  She can have it both ways and we will support her bipolar positions.

Secondarily, because she and her family doesn't pay taxes, like us.

Third, because she doesn't really care about important issues, like us.

Forth, because she hibernates when the going gets tough, like us.  We are certain that when Doug Hoffman asks to debate her she will run and hide, maybe take a nap.

So long folks.  Thanks for checking us out and please lend your support to our effort.  We are also considering recruiting our close cousins, the black bears of the Adirondack Park.  If you are related to any black bears please send them a note asking for their support.  

Pandas for Dede will also be setting up a Facebook page to encourage other Pandas to join.